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Covid Testing

Tips for Preparing for Covid Testing







Covid testing is widely available and in high demand. There are many reasons to get a Covid-19 test, such as for school, work, travel, or if you’re experiencing symptoms. There are a few simple ways to ensure you’re prepared when you need Covid testing.

It’s important to check your local testing site at Foundation Health to schedule a Covid-19 test. After, you’ll need to bring a few items with you to ensure a smooth process. They include:

●A mask or two (if you want to double-up)
●Health insurance card or another form of verification
●Drivers license or another form of ID
●Snacks and water since you might be waiting for a bit
●Something to keep you entertained, like a book or streaming a show
on your phone
●Phone charger

Don’t bring anyone else with you if you’re the only one who needs Covid testing. Coming alone helps reduce the transmission of a possible Covid-19 case. If you’ve been exposed to Covid-19, wait five days to get Covid testing to ensure accuracy.

Foundation Health URGENT CARE is here for your medical needs, such as vaccines, wound care, Covid-19, flu, UTIs, and more. If you need a Covid-19 test, give us a call at (423) 707-2509.