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First-Aid Guide to Serious Wounds

Learn how to provide wound care and first-aid treatment when dealing with a serious injury with this article. Contact Foundation Health URGENT CARE if you require more assistance in Gray, TN, by calling (423) 707-2509.

Assess the Wound

We use the term “wound” to describe open or closed injuries caused by some form of trauma or an accident. Before you begin wound care, make sure that you assess the severity of the wound. Determine if the injury is bleeding or not.

Make sure that you call for emergency assistance if you are caring for a(n):

●      Chest or abdominal wound

●      Wound with spurting blood

●      An injury that caused severe bleeding

Additionally, contact 911 if you cannot stop the bleeding after applying steady and firm pressure for 10 minutes. Do not wait to call 911 if you believe you are dealing with a severe injury.

Stop the Bleeding

Take steps to stop the patient from bleeding. Use direct pressure with gauze, tissue, or a clean cloth. Apply more material if the blood comes through your first piece of fabric.

Did the patient injure their arm or leg? In this case, you can elevate the limb over the heart. Taking this step helps to prevent a patient from going into shock.

Keep the Wound Clean

Serious wounds must remain clean to avoid an infection. Once the bleeding stops, clean the wound with warm water and soap. Avoid the use of iodine or hydrogen peroxide, as these substances damage tissue.

Get Professional Wound Care

Do you want wound care but don’t think the injury is severe enough to go to the emergency room? You can come into Foundation Health to get urgent treatment in Gray, TN. Call us at (423) 707-2509 to find out if we can help with a serious wound.