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Flu Treatments & Testing

Early Symptoms of the Flu: What Should You Do?

In the times we live in with Covid-19 running rampant, we often forget about the flu. The first symptoms of the flu are important to recognize so you can get the help you need.

About 20% of Americans suffer from the flu each year. While this isn’t a large percentage of our population, it’s significant enough to take care of yourself promptly. Here are some early signs of the flu:

● Cough
● Sore, scratchy throat
● Fever and chills
● Runny nose
● Body aches
● Fatigue

One of the earliest signs of the flu is a fever, but keep in mind, not everyone who has the flu will get a fever. Many recover from the flu in a matter of weeks with proper care and medical advice.

What Should You Do if You Have These Symptoms?

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, come see us at Foundation Health. We’ll provide you with the medication needed for your recovery. Meanwhile, rest at home, take your needed medications, eat healthy foods to strengthen your immune system, drink plenty of water, and wash your hands frequently. If you’re experiencing severe symptoms such as confusion, chest pain, vomiting, or shortness of breath, seek emergency medical treatment as soon as possible.