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Important Facts That You Should Know About Urinary Tract Infections

Doctors use the term urinary tract infections (UTIs) to describe infections located in your urinary system. A UTI often causes discomfort and may lead to more severe consequences if you don’t get prompt treatment. Our team at Foundation Health provides quick UTI treatment in Johnson City, TN.

UTI Facts: Causes

Bacteria and microbes cause all UTI infections after they enter the bladder through your urethra. Bacteria remain the most common cause of a UTI, but you may also develop this infection after exposure to fungal spores or certain viruses.

UTI Facts: Risk Factors

Many people manage to avoid a UTI throughout their lives. However, several risk factors can increase your odds of developing this kind of infection. We see UTIs more often in patients with:

●      Diabetes or kidney stones

●      A history of other UTIs

●      A suppressed immune system

●      An enlarged prostate

●      Some forms of cancer

Additionally, pregnant patients and individuals who use a catheter over a lengthy period of time appear more likely to develop a UTI. Finally, individuals on bed rest or those who face prolonged periods of immobility face more UTIs than other patients.

UTI Facts: Signs and Symptoms

Recognizing the signs of a UTI allows you to know when to seek medical care. Many people who develop a UTI experience:

●      Burning during urination

●      Frequent urges to urinate

●      Bloody, dark, or cloudy urine

●      Urine with a strong smell

●      Fatigue and shakiness

Some patients also experience pelvic or rectal pain.

Get Help Recovering from a UTI

Want treatment for a UTI here in Johnson City, TN? Our team at Foundation Health URGENT CARE provides care for these infections, allowing you to recover quickly.